sâmbătă, 3 august 2013

The easy/lazy way out of not actually bothering to write a poem by throwing together words from a random list and adding a few of my own

At nine o’clock 
(morning or evening?-I asked)

                                            I was drinking Ribena (what is that?)
                                             With Betty Fisher (don’t know her) in Parker’s Piece

                                                 listening to Bob Dylan
"“The Man Who Takes the Parrish Shopping”
is one of his songs"
Betty says.
Sounds like his
but fuck you Betty, I disagree.

“Text me some memories” is a song of my own
I am still writing
it’s not going well
 mainly because
I am always furiously masturbating
due to a book I read
in Tokyo, second floor

always procrastinating
researching “wifebeaters” on wiki
instead of writing this

“This is the end” said Morrison, Jimmy (hehe, it rhymes)