miercuri, 26 august 2009

Reclama: More Indie Music

The Burning Hell sunt o trupa indie din America. Au cateva melodii dragute cu versuri foarte fain scrise, pe care le puteti asculta aici. Recunosc ca nu prea i-am ascultat prea mult, dar o melodie cel putin m-a obsedat in ultima vreme; atat varianta originala cat si coverul cantat de Chris Klein (American Pie) in filmul Hank&Mike, despre care sper ca voi scrie in curand.

Melodia se numeste: "It Happens in Florida", are urmatoarele versuri:

"Love, it’s like a hurricane: it happens in Florida, it gets into everything.
Love, it’s like a monster truck: it fills up whole stadiums, but it crushes smaller trucks
Love, it’s like a marmoset: it may be small and cute, but sometimes it eats its young
Love, it’s like a trailer park: ugly but functional, the rent is cheap enough
Love, it’s like a garbage man: it collects waste and filth, it smells like rotting flesh
Love, it’s like an interstate: it gets you from place to place, but it’s littered with dead raccoons
Love, it’s like a newborn child: seems interesting when it’s young, gets pedestrian after a while
Love, it’s like a hurricane: it happens in Florida, it destroys everything

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