vineri, 19 februarie 2010

Reconciliation Letter

We had a good run, we did.
I met you when I was little, we didn't really get on at the time, but I got to know you much better when I was fourteen, and although some people warned me not to get involved with you, and even I had my doubts, we quickly became quite close.
And we've been together since, and you never let me down. You were always there for me, when I had it rough with the parents, or at school, when I was depressed, when a girlfriend left me and I thought the World would end, you were right there, soothing me. Even physical pain you softened. Sure, we had some arguments, some really bad moments, and I did say a few times I never want to see you again, but I always returned smiling. You were there all through high-school, in the good moments, and all the bad ones, when I let nobody else but you close to me.

But then I moved to Uni, and I felt our relationship was not as strong anymore. In the first year we still met, had fun, though not as often, yet we pretended it was alright. And we'd meet more often when I would get home, and things would seem like in the old days. But in the second year, we couldn't fool ourselves any more, and in the last months I would feel you getting more and more distant, we'd meet up sometimes, have some fun, but we were like strangers. I think it's mostly my fault, I drove you away. And now that I see this I want you back, and you are more eager than ever to keep me company.

Thank you alcohol, thank you for everything.

Six years down, with you by my side, six more years to go, and I hope you will stay by my side until I join the 27 club.

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