joi, 4 martie 2010

Expanded Lucidity

These are the transcriptions of two recordings I made while I was drunk, and I think they accurately express my idea that I fear complete lucidity more than I could ever fear insanity, and that logic and too much thought taint the way we absorb the World more than any drug. To see the World with untroubled eyes, you must forget how to see. Try to see different facets, and yes drugs (amongst other things: music, films, poetry, sleep-deprivation etc) give you a different lucidity, an Expanded Lucidity. Accept it.

Both recordings were made over Clint Mansells's "The Last Man" so I am attaching it:

Asculta mai multe audio Muzica (around minute 3)

First recording:

I can only find
On the bottom of a
Where all my thoughts
are drowned
and all my feelings
set free

There is no
in the World
of thoughts

Second recording (less poetic, more slurred and excited)

be free and fly
and you'll have the clarity of the world in your eyes
you see every detail every beauty, everything

you can...

don't let yourself be tied down
...every worry...

you cannot! escape it

so i drink, and i feel ALIVE
and i know i can see the world with untroubled eyes
i can see its true shape and true form
when a cloud is over my thoughts
and my neurons morph...

That's pretty much it, I haven't edited anything, some of it sounds really stupid, but some of it I like.

And because I love Clint Mansell, I leave you with another one of his songs:

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