joi, 27 mai 2010


different city
different people
different world
but i am the same

i walk down
the road smelling of the world
yet the smell of home has long been lost

surrounded by you all
i am alone
as you walk against me down the road
all in sync
and i’m the filth-stain
on a fresh painted wall
and i stay alone
with myself
the idiot
the fool

sitting outside my window
ten stories high
as night copulates with dawn
absorbing the world as it changes
i would cry
but i won’t
i’m dry

so i just smoke my fag
and drink my coffee
no sugar
like life

i slip and i fall
ten stories down
i break my legs
longing to feel anything
...yet not even pain

i start crawling back
to what was once familiar
crawling with my arms
but they erode
leaving a trail of blood
then they are no more
so i crawl on my belly
and still not even pain

and my stomach erodes
and i erode
‘till i am no more
just the trail of blood
i left behind
but it quickly fades
and my passing is unmarked
forgotten and useless
i am no more

there is no new start
the chains of what was
tie me down
so i am where i was
i am no more once again

2 comentarii:

Paula spunea...

ah, multumesc de urari :) apropos, tu pe unde mai vietuiesti?

Anunturi Iasi spunea...

Numele meu este Iacob Constantin si va scriu pentru a va propune sa facem un schimb de linkuri - 3 way link exchange - in sensul ca eu voi pune linkul dumneavoastra pe iar dumneavoastra imi adaugati un link catre cu titlul Anunturi Iasi (fara diacritice).
Daca doriti sa facem schimbul doresc sa-mi spuneti titlul linkului dumneavoastra.
Va doresc toate cele bune.