luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

Performance Poets: Shane Koyczan

Whenever I think of performance poetry I think firstly of Shane Koyczan's Grandma's Got it Going On. Yeah, his diction sucks and about a fifth of it you can barely make out, but there is just something about his energy, his simply fucking nailing it every other beat, that just fills me up with energy and makes me just wanna go out and fucking...well apply myself, I guess.

You can find the words here, to read along, but first just watch him. Just do it. You should feel better by the end.

As for the rest of his work, I'll admit he never really did it for me anymore. I guess getting more mature doesn't always equate in profounder work. Sure, technically the improvement is undeniable, he slowed  down (he got bigger) and you can actually make out the words this time. Well, fuck that, all it does is prove that his words only carry half the weight of his performance's power. He lost the youthful energy, the explosive demeanor. He became preachy and political. He started pandering about social issues, about the big problems in our world. He tries to hard to make it smart, to make it funny, to make it important. This one is still, for me, bearable:

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