joi, 31 iulie 2014

Looking back...stop it

Pulp Fiction’s 50s café, where all the cool cats gather to relive things they were too young to live through in the first place.

70s parties in the 90s
80s parties in the 00s
90s parties now


relive your childhood
oh sweet motherfuckin’
old unmistakeable
undeniable unrefusable
­­Nostalgia   (it ain’t what it used to be)

It’s easy to pretend the past was better than the now
when all the tripe has been weeded out and forgotten.
It’s always the Best Of some bygone era vs. the Everything of Now (best case scenario)
We’re being nostalgic about things people were nostalgic about when we were kids.

You weren’t there when Janis screamed her voice out and then fucked Jimi backstage after downing a bottle of Jack (probably). So stop acting like you know what that meant or what it felt like. Stop acting like you’re the lost child of a past which had a place reserved just for you.
Stop trying to find new ways of rehashing yesterday and contribute to today, assholes.
Be the hero of tomorrow’s kids and don’t just teach them to worship your heroes and your daddy’s heroes.
Create, fuckers,

(5vii2014, Janis - Bucharest)

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