duminică, 6 iulie 2014

SCRABOOZLE, a word game for alcoholics

behold puny minded simpletons...

...for AWSM has been achieved:

dun-dun dun-DUUUUUUUUN:



 1. Scrabble board; quantity: 1

2. Booze; quantity: many


1. Consumption of said booze is obligatory at a quick pace on every possible ocassion.

2. Standard Scrabble methods apply, except that words are not allowed to be found in any dictionary.

3. Player must be able to pronounce made up words, and words must at least phonetically be in tune with language in which game is played. ex. for English: accepted: SLAPE
                                                                                          not accepted: XGHADIGR

4. Player must not only make up words but also a meaning for said words.

ex. accepted: "What is 'slape'?" "The sound made by being slapped with a snake"

not accepted: "What is 'banabi'?" "The plural of 'banabus'!" "So what is 'banabus'?" "Fuck you, that's what!" (Tolerance for stupid meanings might grow with increase of alcohol consumption)


Standard Scrabble points, with an added 100points for passing out!, 150points for being the only one not throwing up!, 200points for forgetting English language.


Shoving, tickling, name-calling are not required but welcome.

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